After Insanity!

After Insanity!
Loving my new body!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 in review and 2013 goals

Wow how sad is it that a year has gone by and my only post was a year ago listing my resolutions for the year?  This is one thing I plan to fix, as hopefully I will be having a much more exciting year!  Not that this year was uneventful, it really had a lot going on, however the more I think back, it was quite an enjoying year!  So, as I posted over a year ago I’ll start with looking at my previous resolutions.

My first resolution was to start toward a new career, this one I’ve done in two ways!  I transitioned from financial aid to enrollment and I must say this was a GOOD move!  I’m loving my new team and the work is much more beneficial than what I felt I was doing in Financial aid.  I’ve also started to take advantage of the tuition discount at work and am happy to say I’m almost finished with my second term which puts me one step closer to getting my teaching license!  The plan for now is to once I get my license to teach abroad for a couple years till Tom gets closer to graduation and then moving to a place where teaching salaries are much more livable!  At the current time Massachusetts is at the top of the list.  

Not going to lie, but the second goal of writing 2 pages a week on my stories I’ve been working on has not been successful.  Of course I did good for the first couple weeks, but alas this significantly was a failure.  I guess if you look at it in retrospect however, I did write more this year than I had in the previous years since moving to Utah!  So, I may have fallen short on this goal, but it did improve from previous years!  
I did actually get to travel to at least one new place this year, and this was all thanks to Tom’s military journey!  I was able to travel with his parents and his sister Shannon to Alabama and Georgia.  It wasn’t the most glorious of trips but it was something new, and it was an experience!  

House upgrades?  Well, with Grant moving into his own place Tom and I had an empty basement to which I wanted to take more advantage of and stretch out!  I tore out the old worn out carpet and tiled the small bedroom as well as the large new master bedroom.  Along with this I also got to design some cool paint schemes for the rooms and also redid our old bedroom.  I must say I should be on Design Star as I think my rooms are quite original and fun!  

Blog posts every month,,, yeah,,, I’ll just bow my head in shame on that one...

My family however did grow this year!  Not in the way I would have really hoped but we did add an outside cat named Orphan, 3 chickens named Clarise, Sassette, Alice and Carol Brady, 3 ducks named Huey Duey and Luey and two bunnies Cher and Paris.  

My fitness quest was up and down, quite the roller coaster ride, I’m not disappointed at where I ended off at the year, but not overly impressed with it either.  I did find some good healthy recipe’s that I plan to make over and over again, and Tom is finishing up on my new clothes hanger which I may use from time to time! (its a treadmill) 
New video blogs?  I did manage to get a few video blogs out and you can see those at, that is if you have time. :) 

As for 2013 I do plan to:
Continue on my new career path
Continue growing my writings 
Travel to at least one new place
More house upgrades
Continue with a healthier lifestyle
Read more

Looking forward once again to another years journey with all my wonderful friends!  

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Its that time of year, the time that everyone comes up with their New Years resolutions, and I guess I’m kind of the same!  But before I make my new resolutions I think its best to look at last years resolutions and see which ones I managed to accomplish and which ones I yet again did not accomplish.  
2011 resolution number 1, Travel some place I’ve never been.
I accomplished this in March in a trip with Rick and Linda to Lihue Hawaii.  By far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been!  Hiked a trail that was basically like walking through waterfalls and muddy, but loved each and every minute of it!  The biggest downfall of this trip was the airport loosing my bag for the first two days and having to become one of the people of Walmart wearing whatever I could find at the Walmart!  Honestly any Walmart thats not near my house is ok, but I still don't enjoy that place and next time I know to cary anything expensive and at least a pair of clothes with me in my cary on!  Or only take a cary on!  
2011 resolution number 2, Finish one of my writings
I am very sad to say that this is one I keep putting on my to do list each and every year but it never gets completed.  Instead I started about 6 new stories!  This is one I know that will be back on my to do list, but, this time I will make it a little more reachable!  
2011 resolution number 3, Figure out what I want to do with my life career wise 
This one has also been unattainable this year as well which is quite sad to me.  I think I get complacent and deal with things at work that I normally would not do, and then when its time that I’m fed up, I’m just stick in a rut with work!  I did just accept a new position that will start a week from tomorrow, but I’m currently in the process of narrowing down my choices for the next career endeavor!  Hopefully I will start going towards that endeavor before summer!  
2011 resolution number 4,  Use my trailer at least once this year!
We did get to use our trailer this year, however it was for a loss in the family.   We stayed for a little under a week in our trailer in California for Tom’s Papa’s funeral.  Its sad that to be with family and spend time together is usually centered around a loss which is in no way shape or form fun at all.  It was really nice to have our own place to stay where we could watch movies, drink coffee and wine, and just have our own little place to stay.  
2011 resolution number 5, Grow my family :-)
Well my family did grow this year with the addition of Boo our orange fat cat!  We also just added our new addition Scotch to the family!  He’s the bratty younger brother that loves to terrorize the rest of his brothers and sisters!  Yet sweet and cuddly at the same time!  He has similarities to Bailey but he’s much taller than her already and he’s only 5 months old!  Will be a trying yet rewarding year with him!  
  2011 resolution number 6, Of Course house upgrades
This year I kind of went crazy on the house upgrades!  First off, in the summer I built a big fish pond complete with a bridge to go over to the new above ground pool that is now part of the garden!  We enjoyed soaking in the sun in warm water!  Inside, I tiled the downstairs small bedroom and repainted it, repainted the living room and kitchen, turned the dinning room in to a lounge, bought a new sofa, and a new bed!   We realized we never ever eat at the kitchen table so we sold it and moved the old sofa into there.  More time has been spent sitting in the lounge in just the last couple of months than were ever spent sitting at the kitchen table!  By far one of the smartest things I’ve ever done!  
As for 2012, I will be working on the following
Starting toward a new career
writing a minimum of 2 pages per week
Travel to at least one new place
House upgrades
Add a minimum of one blog post per month
  Work on growing my family
Continue on my fitness quest
New video blog posts
And at that note I wish you all a wonderful 2012 and look forward to my journey with all of you!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ghost Stalking

Posted the trailer for our Ghost Stalking episode 1!  Check it out  The full episode will be coming soon!  As well as a blow by blow to my blog!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New years Resolution

Well its that time again!  Time to set your new resolutions for the year and for many of us its time to dust off the old workout equipment.  I’ve restarted my fitness goal, last year I was 70 pounds away from my goal at this time, this year I'm only 40 from my ultimate goal. For my diet I’m doing Shakeology and getting recipes from the Beach Body website.  Along with my diet I’m adding a weight workout (bo-flex), ab workout with Rev Abs, and just plain old dancing with the Wii and PS3.  Switching things up keeps it fresh and fun and then I dont dread the workout!  If part of your resolutions regards a healthier you, then make sure you get your vitamins and new workout from my site at
  As far as my other goals go, I’m looking to work on/obtain the following:
 Travel some place I’ve never been
 Finish one of my writings
 Figure out what I want to do with my life career wise (enough flip flopping)
 Use my trailer at least once this year!
 Grow my family :-)
 Of Course house upgrades
 Have more fun!
I have pretty simply resolutions but I’m hoping your all making your own as well!  Love each of you, cant wait for the new year, and hope to spend the new year with each and every one of you!  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I originally thought this blogging thing would be a lot easier than its been!  Finding the time between yard/house/work/etc has been a nightmare!  But, here is something I started a while back, its not complete, and I'm sure to add to it from time to time, but post your comments and favorites below!  Looking forward to seeing your responses!

While I’m working on a bigger blog post I thought I would post my favorite movies and TV shows of all time.  I figure this will be a wonderful way for people to comment and post their favorites for each special occasion in their life.  Feel free to comment/post your fav’s and possibly watch the movies that I love to watch if you haven’t had the chance to yet.  Don’t forget to check out my video blog at, more posts coming there as well!
Favorite Christmas Movie:  Christmas Vacation!  I cant go through the holiday season without seeing cousin Eddy draining the shitter into the gutter.  Such a priceless comedy that just starts the holliday off right!

Favorite Halloween Movie: Hocus Pocus!  How can one ever get enough of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker,  and Kathy Najimy as they terrorize the citizens in Salem Massachusetts?  Its fun to watch Max Dennison (played by Omri Katz who now is a hair dresser in LA) who does not believe in the Sanderson sisters light the black flame candle which brings the sisters back from the grave!  Bette’s performance of “I’ve put a spell on you” gets stuck in my head from about mid September until the first of December. 

Favorite I need to cry move:  The Cure! I’m not sure if there has ever been a movie that I’ve seen more people cry after watching than this one.  Truly a heart felt story of a boy who will try anything to save his best and only friend from dieing of an incurable disease.  Your heart just melts in this movie but you still end up leaving with a smile.  Ask Shelby (Susan’s sister in law) she had tears shooting out the side of her eyes about 4 feet, but latter said she loved the movie! (Man that was a fun futon to watch movies on!) 

Favorite all time movie: Empire Records-Reminds me so much of working at Video USA and then chillin at the Mckims!  

Favorite Scary Movie:  Scream!  By far the hardest one for me to choose as I love scary movies!   But what other movie can you remember that the biggest star (at the time) in the movie dies in the first scene?  I never would have expected Drew Barrymore to be the first one killed off in any movie!  Thus, it wins my choice for my favorite scary movie! 

Coming of age movie: Calendar Girl!-Jason Priestly and the gangs wild ride to meet Marilyn Monroe.  Moment not to miss is the Nude Beach part.... "Dude your legs made of wood, you'll float.  

Favorite revenge movie: Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion.  "What the hell is your problem Kristi?  
Why are you always such a nasty bitch? You get some kind sort of sick pleasure out of torturing people.  So Michelle and I did make up some kind of lame story.   We only did it so you would treat us like human beings I dont care if you like us  cause we dont like you, your a pad person with a ugly heart and we dont give a flying fuck what you think.  

Favorite Action Movie: Pulp Fiction!  So much crazy action and stylish dancing... gotta love it!  
Favorite TV shows:
Supernatural - Love the Winchesters travels as they kill the evil things that lurk around that honestly you dont want to know about.

Dawsons Creek-  Before Edward and Jacob it was Team Pacey vs Team Dawson.. well written and of course team Pacey won.

Smurfs-Smurfs had the best action figures,,, still got mine!!  Such a great show about how a community should be run.  
Wrestling-WWE 4life baby!  WCW ECW TNA,,, sorry I gotta stick with the gold standard WWE.  
Power Rangers-I have to admit I was late to high school and Tom Duncan's Reporting and News Writing class due to the evil Lord Dreds attempts to take out Angel Grove.  My cars were called the Dragon Zord (black monte) White Tiger  Zord (Berretta)  White Falcon Zord (both monte 2 and Grand Am)  

True Blood - it may be written about Sookie Stackhouse but honestly it needs to be focused more on Eric and Jason Stackhouse!!!  That my friends will boost the ratings!! 

Big Love- Love seeing Salt Lake Clips and things that are so secret get exposed on HBO!  Just love it!! 

United States of Tera- Ok, we all have a little Tera in us, just maybe not so much that they take over our bodily functions like they do.  Haven't you ever been in the car singing to the latest Britney Spears song at the top of your lungs, or been cussing about an idiot at work with out them hearing you?  If you have, your part Tera 2

Little Brittain-British comedy has it right in so many ways!!  Just ask Bubbles!

Keeping up appearances-You cant help but love Hyacynth, and cring with her as her family Onslo and Rose come around the corner!  Just chills I tell you chills!

Are you Being Served?  Favorite with my mother to watch, we had bets on what color Mrs. Slochums hair would be for the night, usually after the drive in closed.  

Anyway forum, leave your interesting comments and favorites BELOW 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I did it!

I got my first movie role in an independent movie!  Its a non speaking part but I think I get to be killed in it!!  I'm glad I got my nerve up to audition!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Had my first TV audition in years tonight!  Wish me luck!!!!